Let us put together a mosaic project for you to enjoy at home! Perfect for homeschool art class, a family-time get-together, a birthday celebration, team-building activity via Zoom meeting, some alone time with a glass of wine, or just because mosaics are awesome and so fun!


  • Choose your wooden base. These MDF shapes are for indoor-use only and includes a strong staple on the back for hanging. Don't see a shape you like below? Let us know - we might have it! We only put a portion of our selection to choose from below.

  • Select your glass colors. All of our stained glass has been nipped by hand and put through a tumbler to remove the sharp edges, making it safe to handle and touch. You may choose as many colors as you like! Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, browns, greys, white, black and silver mirror. You will receive a variety of hues unless specified. 

  • Pick a grout color. You'll get a bag of sanded grout, a bowl and mixing stick, and instructions. Choose from: black, dark brown, light brown, sandstone, taupe, grey, light grey, off-white, white.

  • Glass Nippers are available for $20. Easily nip your glass into different shapes and sizes.

  • Shipping, $5 local delivery (to 75165), or contactless pickup available. 

  • SUMBIT your order by emailing us. Please specify how you want to receive your kit. We will invoice you for contactless payment. Turn-around time is approximately 3 days. 

Here is a sample order: Heart with black and white glass, grey grout, with local delivery.  ​

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