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Updated: Jul 5

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, unpredictability and stress, with some fear and anxiety mixed in. It has also been a time to refresh, reevaluate and renew.And with that comes change!

Mosaic Madness will be closing our shop in downtown Waxahachie this summer. We will be relocating and cannot wait to share more details in the near future! (don’t worry - it’s not far). It has lots of character, a more intimate setting, and an outdoor space for creating in the fresh air.🌤🌿

I absolutely LOVE the community that has been created within the walls of Mosaic Madness. It is SO much more than just a mosaic shop... It is such a special place & I look forward to all of the new memories waiting to be made in the future.

With that being said, I’ve decided to open back up for a couple weeks before we officially close and make the move. I know so many have been missing mosaics! If you’d like to stay and create, we’ll be taking customers by appointment-only to ensure you have a spot, since we aren’t able to operate at full capacity.

If you have an unfinished mosaic project stored at the shop, please, please, please make arrangements to pick it up. Supplies to finish at home will be provided, or you may work at the shop if you make an appointment. We will not be able to store them at the new location.😢if you know someone that may have a project at the shop, let them know!

Make an appointment for studio time here:


(You may reserve a 3-hour block of time to create. Morning, afternoon and evening times available). Please note - the days have been split up to give us time to properly clean and sanitize between groups. So between 1-2pm, there won’t be studio time.

The hours for the next 2 weeks:

June 16-June 30

Tuesday 10-1, 2-5pm

Wednesday 10-1, 2-5pm

Thursday 6-9pm

Friday 10-1, 2-5pm

Saturday 10-1, 2-5pm

Please have patience as this transition happens.♥️Stay tuned and follow along for details about the new space! FYI, we will be having a moving sale soon!!!

Here’s to a new journey!

Claire Conn

Owner, Mosaic Madness

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