Mosaic Projects

The possibilities are endless with what you can create!

Animals, letters, frames, flower pots, birdhouses, crosses & so much more. Here are the current selection of mosaic projects - new shapes and seasonal items come and go throughout the year. We also have a clearance section with markdowns up to 25% off. 
*The price listed on the item includes all materials to make the mosaic. Average price is $25.*

Do you have an object at home you'd like to mosaic? Bring it in! We charge about $30 per square foot for all of the materials. 

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n. pl. tes·ser·ae (tĕs′ə-rē′)
A Latin word meaning a small piece of tile, glass or stone used in the construction of a mosaic.

We have a wide variety of glass and tiles to choose from to use in your mosaic project.

  • Glass - all of our glass is cut by hand from large sheets of stained glass and put thru a tumbler to remove the sharp edges. We keep every color under the rainbow in stock (plus black, brown, grey, white, clear....)!

  • Mirrors - perfect way to add some reflective sparkle to your mosaic. 

  • Vitreous Tiles - 3/4'' square glass tiles in a wide variety of colors.

  • Ceramic Shapes & Recycled Glass Tiles - circles, squares, hearts, stars. 

  • Pottery & China Pieces - most of these are donated pieces. When a plate or cup breaks we don't see it as trash! We break it down even more and tumble it to smooth the edges. 

  • Letter Gems - we make these ourselves. Paper letters are glued under a clear gem.

  • Inspirational Words - these are a popular add-on! We make these ourselves with printed words on colored paper glued underneath clear glass. Only 25 cents each. 

  • Miscellaneous Items - Glass "squiggles", metal shapes, handmade tiles, buttons, etc. If we come across something fun and unique to be incorporated in a mosaic, we will offer it to our customers!


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